Well Wave Therapy Fort Lauderdale

Pain in the foot, ankle, and lower leg can have lasting effects to the daily functionality of your body. Surgery is an invasive, costly, and burdensome experience that most would like to avoid. Introducing WellWave and Acoustic Compression Therapy (ACT) for targeted, non-invasive pain relief. Using the WellWave, patients are treated for acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain.

WellWave focuses on the pain to relieve the patient through mechanical stimuli that affects almost all of the cellular function of living tissue. In fact, the acoustic waves that are generated by the WellWave unite at a point deep within the soft tissue to generate a strong, extremely short period of compression burst. The tissue in the surrounding area feels the translation of this compression, causing an exceptionally precise deep tissue massage. The ability to influence cellular form and function gives Dr. Joe Angelini the power to relieve pain and improve circulation.

WellWave Benefits: 

  • Alleviates pain through improved circulation

  • Reduces treatment time

  • Pin-pointing pain tackles the issue accurately and efficiently

  • Reduces muscle tightness

  • Patient feedback helps to focus application of ACT to where it is needed

  • Improves range of motion

  • Helps patients return to normal daily activity

  • Patient involvement in healing improves continuing treatment and compliance

  • Puts cells into motion to improve overall functionality.

Treats Pain Resulting from:

  • heel pain

  • achilles tendon pain

  • tendonitis

  • fractures

  • arthritis