Summers Here...Time to Get Strong and Fast

School is out and the season is over. Summer vacation has begun! Summer training is the best time to get the physical work done. Its time to start the SEP workout program to get ready for the upcoming seasons. With added Strength, Endurance and Power you can return to your team running faster, jumping higher and having more resistance to injury than you did before.

The plan should include a two week rest to reset your mind and body. A full season of competition and the stresses of school work has taken a toll on you both the physically and mentally. Take the time to relax and recharge without the stresses of practice or school. Your body needs the rest and will reward you with great gains when you head back to the gym. Your mind also need a reset to take on the challenges of a summer of hard workouts and conditioning.

Return to your training refreshed and focused for the next 30 days. The goal for this time is to get strong and build your strength and worry about the specifics of your sport or specifics of your events. It is recommended to train heavy in the gym for power and strength, Working on your endurance and increase your core strength will also insure your body to have a lesser chance of injury. Proper diet is essential with an emphasis on a high protein intake with low sugar and simple carbohydrate consumption. You should consult a qualified doctor, coach or trainer to map out the types of workouts and the best foods to eat to gain the best results.

The remaining 30 days of your summer break should concentrate targeting the muscle groups specific to your sport and events. Flexibility, stretching and well as a continued core work is essential to continue to make gains. During the course of the physical training sport/event workouts need to be integrated into the training. This should include for example skill work with the ball for soccer, football specific agility training, basketball agility training and shooting, track and field event training etc. A stretching regiment and possible yoga routine would also help keep the body on the right track. The same dietary requirement are essential for optimum results. Again, coach or qualified person familiar with your sport is essential for this phase of your training.

When August rolls around and its time to head back to school and rejoin your team the results of the hard work you did this summer will be remarkable. Running faster, jumping higher, and being more injury resistant will improve your performance and confidence setting you apart for the competition.

Dr. Joe trained has trained Professional, Division 1,2,3 athletes, high school and middle school athletes in several sports and managed training and dietary programs. He offers speed and jump training year around and has summer programs available. Call Dr. Angelini at the Angelini Chiropractic Center for more information. The number is 954-202-9709 or go to the website at

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